Monday, May 14, 2007


I designed this flag with tourism in mind. Usually, and strangely, islands have great flags, like Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Nauru. But Hawai'i's flag wasn't very tourism-friendly. I'm not sure if this is, either, but I think it is.

The main feature is a representation of a volcano, with a mountain represented by a green triangle, and lava represented by the red chevron. The light blue is used to make the flag look good. The blue and red represent the United States.

The current Hawai'i flag has the Union Jack (that's the flag of the United Kingdom used as a jack) in the canton and eight white, red, and blue stripes. The colors used were not very attractive, to me, at least, and the Union Jack made it seem like it wasn't a part of the United States. Also, it hurt my eyes.

How's this? Better, isn't it? Yeah!


Andrew said...

The current flag doesn't seem to have hurt tourism any so far. Plus, in my experience (I was fortunate to live in Hawai`i for several years as I was growing up), the flag is fairly popular there. Having the UJ in the canton may make it look like Hawai`i isn't part of the US, but that was precisely the idea at the time it was adopted (that and showing the Kingdom's friendship with the UK). This flag was used by the independent Kingdom of Hawai`i long before statehood, and so has quite a lot of history and symbolism connected to it.

I have to say, your proposal doesn't say Hawai`i to me at all, either in color or design. Hawai`i has a rich visual arts tradition -- perhaps there's a way to incorporate a Hawaiian motif into your redesign proposal they way you've used local imagery in some of your other flags?

FlagFreak said...

Good idea. I used to think this was attractive, but then again, it doesn't. I guess the only way would be to get rid of the Union Jack.