Wednesday, July 4, 2007


This flag was designed for Anguilla, which is a British territory in the Caribbean Islands. Their current flag shows the British Blue Ensign with the Anguillan coat of arms at the end of the flag. I designed this flag so it would be recognized among many other flags with something at the end of the British Blue Ensign, such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tuvalu. I think the coat of arms would do great as a flag, since it is simple and symbolic. I tried it, and the flag design turned out to be amazing!


Anonymous said...

This one was not designed by you, was it? It's been around for years.

FlagFreak said...

It has? I thought it was this one:

Flag of Anguilla image

Yes, I designed this one, but if it has been designed before, then that one shoudl become the Anguilla flag.

Andrew said...

Anonymous is right
. You do have a good eye for design, though.

FlagFreak said...

Thanks, but I'm running out of things to design flags for. Maybe...I don't know. Time for a random page on Wikitravel! Yeah!