Sunday, September 7, 2008


The current flag of Hungary is simple and symbolic. There would be no problem with it if there weren't tens of other nations in Europe with tricolours! So, I simply rearranged the colours into a unique design, but it's still simple.


Kris said...
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Kris said...

Second try!

I was doing the rounds of flag fanciers on Blogger and figured that you might be interested in answering the question of the day that I've posted over at my place. It is a two pronged affair and I’m looking to stir debate:

1. Do you have a favourite flag?

2. Is there a flag that makes you blush at the blatancy of its fashion faux pars?

FlagFreak said...

My favorite national flag is the flag of Botswana. It's so simple, and symbolic, and you can't fly it upside-down. My favorite island flag (out of so many of them) is probably that of Nauru. It's beautiful and to the point, and it makes a great first impression of the island.

My favorite flag ever? Well, that's a hard one. It might very well be the flag of Denver or the District of Columbia.


As for flags that make me LOL because of their stupidity, there are too many to name, so for now, I'll just give some examples.

Moorpark, California
British Indian Ocean Territory

For even more, check out my blog Good Flag, Bad Flag or another blog Badflags. ;-)

SpArKpLuG said...

ooh pretty good i think it would be a bit better elongated with the coa in the center

FlagFreak said...

Thank you! Maybe I'll try that out...