Monday, May 14, 2007


This Arkansas flag design is much better than the current one. The half-red/half-blue background represents Arkansas being 25th out of 50 states, which is 1/2. The diamond represents Arkansas diamonds, and Arkansas is the only U.S. state that has diamonds. The orange dot in the diamond represents eggs and poultry, Arkansas's two major exports. The reason that the diamond is on the left is so that it doesn't get worn out by the wind, like the Greenland flag and Norway flag. The red, white, and blue represent the United States.

The current Arkansas flag is horrible! Not only does it have twenty-nine five-pointed stars, but it also has the word "ARKANSAS" right in the middle of it. For you non-vexillologists, that's really bad. Lettering on a flag is not good, because flags were invented to be recognized from far away, and also, what if the flag was flying the other way? What is "SASNAKRA"? And all those stars hurt my eyes, and it takes forever to draw and sew.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, the Arkansas flag needs "Arkansas" removed. Words don't belong on flags. However, I think the current design is essentially a good one that only needs minor modification. The current design is a permutation of the confederate flag with the X turned into <>. The diamond shape represents a natural resource unique in the US to Arkansas. In addition to getting rid of the name of the state, I'd tone it down with the number of stars (the idea of the number of stars representing the order in which the state was admitted to the union is a tired one). Currently, all those stars look to me like "local sports team". Maybe 13 would do, one for each state in the Confederacy (or the original 13 colonies that forged the nation to which AK now belongs).