Monday, May 14, 2007


This Delaware flag design shows a diamond and a bright red star. The five-pointed star and the red, white, and blue, both represent the United States. The one star represents Delaware becoming the 1st state. The diamond represents the state's nickname, "The Diamond State".
The current flag of Delaware is very complicated. It has the coat of arms on a yellow...forget it. It's bad!

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Anonymous said...

A lot of your US state designs feature a star and the colors red, white and blue. Just my personal opinion, but I think that the US derives its identity from the diversity of its constituent states, not the other way around, and state flags are more interesting when they reflect this fact. In other words, state flags need not make visual reference to the fact that they belong to a union, but can instead simply have a flag that indicates its own unique identity, independent of the superstate to which it belongs.