Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This Iowa flag design I designed is one of my favorites. The blue stripes represent the two rivers on both sides of the state. The red and blue and the five-pointed star represent the United States. The yellow represents corn, and Iowa has the most corn of any U.S. state.

The current Iowa flag is actually considered a banner, and banner were originally meant to be flown on two poles, one on each side. That seems a little weird, but maybe it's the right way to go, as the Iowa "banner" is pretty bad as a flag. The eagle holding a ribbon in its mouth with the state motto and the word "IOWA" on the bottom of the flag. What would it look like from the other side?

."AWOI" dna ,haey ,hO .taht ekil gnihtemos ro ,"NIATNIAM LLIW EW STHGIR RUO DNA EZIRP EW SEITREBIL RUO" syas taht nobbir a htiw elgae na evah ylbaborp dluow ti ,lleW

Understand? Anyway, is this design better than the current one?

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