Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I know that this design is better than the current Kansas flag design. The yellow and gold represent the sunflower, Kansas's state symbol. The five-pointed star represents the United States. The flag itself is in the shape of the outline of Kansas. The design also represents a wheat field at sunrise. And it's a flat landscape, like Kansas. The star is placed a little to the left to avoid being worn off of the flag.
The current Kansas flag has the state seal above the center of the flag, and the state military crest above the seal, and the word "KANSAS" in big yellow arial-type font letters below the seal. Here's how the seal looks. It's got thirty-four five-pointed stars arranged in a pattern on the top, and some horses pulling a few wagons on a landscape, away from a small church. There's also some horses in front plowing a field, with a guy with a gray shirt and white trousers. There's a ship on a river in the background behind the horses pulling the wagons across the prairie. There's some smoke coming out of the ship and the church. There's some buffalo in the background. I think the Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. There's quite a few waves in the water that the ship that has smoke coming out of it is in. Don't forget all that grass. I could go on describing it for a long time, and I haven't even started describing the military crest yet. The point is, it's complicated and it doesn't belong on a flag which is meant to be seen from far away. Kansas deserves a better flag than that.


Anonymous said...

There is a flag that is the Kansas "banner" or some such (perhaps used by the National Guard?) -- anyway, it's elegant and really says "Kansas" without any writing: it's simply a large sunflower on a blue field. Simple and lovely, IMHO.

FlagFreak said...

I've heard of that one before, and it's very nice, almost perfect, but it does have a blue background, which could make some people get confused with other blue, yellow, and brown state flags.