Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This Kentucky flag design isn't exactly what I was looking for, but it's probably better than the current flag.
The shape of the flag resembles a capital letter "K", for Kentucky. The black and white represents Abraham Lincoln, who was born in the state. I made the negative space of the flag an equilateral triangle to also represent Lincoln (all sides are equal). The blue-green background represents bluegrass music, which is popular in Kentucky. The pennant shape of the flag makes it last longer when flying in the wind.
Look at the current Kentucky flag, and you'll see that it is horrible, like most of the U.S. state flags.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying by "pennant shape" that your proposal is swallow-tailed? It looks like there's a big white triangle in the fly......

FlagFreak said...

Yes, it's swallowtailed. I wish I could fix that image somehow, to make it look less like there's a white triangle in the fly. Any ideas?