Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This Michigan flag design was inspired by previous Michigan flag design with a moose. The blue represents the Great Lakes, and Michigan's nickname, "The Great Lakes State". The orange represents West Michigan's Dutch influence. The red and blue represent the United States. The red also represents Germany, which has an influence on Michigan. The yellow monument represents the United States, as it is made of a stripe and a star. The setting sun is placed a little to the left to avoid being worn off the flag by the wind.
The current Michigan flag is ugly and very hard to see. There is a moose holding up the state coat of arms, and an elk! Two animals on one flag? One is complicated enough, but two? And it has "TUEBOR" on top of the sheild on the coat of arms on the flag. The state motto (in Latin) is below the coat of arms in red. And there's an eagle on the top of the flag. The elements on the flag are not only ugly, but they are also very hard to see. And one more thing...why in the world is the motto in Latin? I see absolutely no reason other than to attract foreign people. Why isn't anything on the flag in English, Michigan's official language?


Anonymous said...

There are several areas where you are wrong.

First, there is only one moose on the Michigan flag. The other animal is an elk.

Second, the moose and elk do not hold the coat of arms, they hold a shield. The animals with the shield, ribbons and other components together comprise the coat of arms.

Third, the word is TUEBOR which is Latin for I will defend, not ROBEUT and it's not at the top of the flag but rather at the top of the shield, which places it just above the middle of the flag.

While the Dutch played a significant role in the development of southwestern Michigan, they had a much smaller impact on other areas of the state which were more heavily impacted by Germans, Irish, Italians, Poles French and other ethnic groups that settled there. Including symbols of Dutch influence to represent all of Michigan would be similar to including a symbol of Monaco or San Marino in the US flag.

You describe several flags as ugly, which is a value judgement. I'm sure there are those who would find your designs not particularly attractive, so you'd do best to learn your facts and terminology, then stick to them if you wish to be taken seriously.

FlagFreak said...

Thank you for telling me about the errors I made in the post. I am going to fix them now, and I will consider changing the design to have more symbolism, if I can think of a way to do it.

Anonymous said...

The proposed design is impressive. The current Michigan flag is somewhat average.