Thursday, May 17, 2007

North Carolina

This North Carolina flag design was inspired by the flag of Charlotte, North Carolina, which had a white saltire on a blue field. The saltire represents the old Confederacy. The blue and white were the colors of Sir Walter Raleigh, whom which the capital city of Raleigh was named after. The red, white, and blue represents the United States. The blue is placed vertically and the red horizontally to avoid confusion with the flag of the flag association I am a part of, although both look a little bit like it. Oh, well. At least it's not a chevron design.

The current North Carolina flag isn't too bad, but it is often confused with the flag of Texas, which shouldn't and probably won't ever be changed.


Karsten M. van Kerpen said...

Looks familiar ;)
But no longer in use, so I think it would be great for North Carolina.

FlagFreak said...

Whoa! Nice find, Karsten! We should add that to VexiWiki, eh? ;-)

Karsten M. van Kerpen said...

Definitely ;)
A real lot of these designs are great and should certainly be on the design pages, great work! :).