Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This Washington flag design was inspired by the current design, which has the state seal on a field of green. The seal is bad, and the picture of George Washington in it, but the green background looks great.

The green background represents evergreen trees, which can be found easily in the state of Washington. The state is also green. The emblem in the center represents an apple, the state fruit. The five-pointed star represents the United States, and the same pattern can be found on the inside of an apple when the fruit is cut horizontally. The red and yellow are the colors of an apple. The red looks good on the ywllow and the yellow looks good on the green. The emblem is placed a little to the left to avoid being worn off the flag by the wind. The same technique is used in the flags of Norway, Greenland, and Bangladesh.


Andrew said...

My first thought was that the charge was a sand dollar, not an apple. In this case, having a more naturalistic representation of an apple might not be a bad idea -- unless the people at Microsoft would object to having an apple flag flying over their headquarters in Redmond.

FlagFreak said...

LOL but you're right