Monday, June 4, 2007

Albuquerque, New Mexico

This flag design for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I consider one of my best designs. The yellow and red represent the state of New Mexico. The red shape on the bottom of the flag represents the Sandia Mountains, a symbol of the city. "Sandia" means "watermelon" in Spanish, which is another reason why the Sandia Mountains are colored in red in this picture. The blue represents the Rio Grande River. The Zia symbol is a symbol of New Mexico. The yellow stripe in between the sky and the mountains resembles a thunderbird, which is currently on the current Albuquerquean flag. The flag resembles a common sunset or sunrise in the city, when the Sandia Mountains turn red. It is very beautiful.

The current Albuquerque flag shows the Zia symbol in yellow on a background of red, with the year Albuquerque was founded, 1706, written in calligraphic writing, in the center of the Zia symbol. The word "Albuquerque" is written in calligraphic writing below the Zia symbol. A depiction of a thunderbird appears in the canton corner of the flag, flying towards the Zia Symbol. The flag has only two colors, but it is still very complicated.

This design is much better than the current flag of Albuquerque.

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BlueNight said...

I would say it looked nice, except the first thing I honestly thought of was someone's rear end sticking up, in perspective.

Still, even that is better than the suspiciously Communist-themed flag we have now. (I know it's not a hammer and sickle, but it has the same general flow.)