Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, currently does have a flag, but the flag is quite ugly, as it features a white seal on a yellow background with words in Spanish all around it written in calligraphy. A flag is meant to be flown on a flagpole and to be seen from far away and to have symbolism. That's why the current Santa Fean flag is ugly.

This design uses a horizontal tricolor pattern which is thankfully not used anywhere. The red and white represent Spain and New Mexico. The green, white, and red, represent Mexico, and the Red, white, and blue represent the United States. The Zia symbol is a symbol of the state of New Mexico, and the green figure represents Santa Fe being the capital city of the state of New Mexico. The green figure is in the shape of the state capitol, which is commonly called the "Roundhouse".

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