Saturday, June 2, 2007

United Kingdom

I designed this flag of the United Kingdom to include not only elements of the flags of Northern Ireland, England, and Scotland, but also an element of the flag of Wales. The red cross with the white border around it is from the flags of England and Northern Ireland, the blue background with the white cross on it is from the flag of England, and the green is from the flag of Wales.
The current flag of the United Kingdom is excellent also, but if this design is adopted, it would be good for many other countries besides the United Kingdom. It would be good to the United Kingdom because it would represent all four areas of the nation, but it would also be good for other countries that have the flag of the United Kingdom on their flag. Let's say Australia. If the flag of the United Kingdom was changed, the flag of Australia would have to be changed, which could result in a complete change of the flag because Australia is no longer a colony or territory of the United Kingdom. The same thing could happen with New Zealand, Tuvalu, and Fiji. Let's say Australia changed their flag, removing the Union Jack because of the change of the flag of the United Kingdom. Then all of the Australian cities and states with flags with the Union Jack in the corner of their flags would change their flags, removing the Union Jack. Same thing with the other countries. Also, other flags with the Union Jack on it could be changed, such as the flag of Hawaii, Bermuda, Ontario, Manitoba, and all the rest. And I hope that happens.


Anonymous said...

Do you bother to learn anything about a place before you proclaim that you know the best flag for it??!!

The current flag shows the symbols of the kingdoms which were joined into the United Kingdom- England, Scotland and Ireland. Wales is a principality which was conquered by, and became part of, England c. 1284.

If you include symbolism to denote Wales, then you have to include all the principalities that were merged into the Kingdom of England- Northumbria, East Anglia, Mercia, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Wessex. Then, you'd need to do the same for the areas that fell under control of Scotland.

Second, the red-on-white cross of St. George and the white-on-blue cross of St. Andrew have been used as symbols of England and Scotland, respectively since c. 1200 and denote the patron saints of those countries.

The patron saint of Wales is St. David whose symbol is a yellow cross on black. If any symbolism of Wales is depicted, it would have to follow the same guidelines as the other components of the flag.

Prior to the 1950s, the green-and-white Welsh flag had not been in general use for over 300 years.

FlagFreak said...

Well now is now and then is then and right now, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland are the four main areas of the United Kingdom. I think Wales deserves to have one of its symbols or colors on the UK flag. I would be glad to include a different design if I could find one. Do you have one? If so, then please email any designs to Thanks! ;-)


I have to agree with the first comment. If we are to include Wales, than what about Cornwall, etc....???

And to go with the "Saint" flags for England, Scotland and Ireland, than the Welsh component would need to be black and yellow for St. David's flag.

And to nitpick further, you made the St. Andrew Scottish part green?

Otherwise, fun blog and post-keep it up.


Sorry, I could not see the flag again when I made the red and white Irish cross, green?